7 Best Inverter ACs (Air Conditioner) Brands in India 2021 (3-5 Star)

According to Indian geographical conditions, Air Conditioner systems are the basic need of almost every home – mainly in the warm states, where monsoon and summer season stays for approx 9 months. What often increases worries of homeowners is rapidly escalating electricity bills.


However, you need not worry about it as you can choose the right model of inverter Air Conditioner – effective and utilize less power in comparison to normal ACs.

Choosing an Inverter AC means you can save 30-40% less electricity. Choose one of your choice from 3-star to 5-star with BBE 5 rated normal split AC.

With inverter AC and after setting the room temperature, you will see it is constant and you don’t even notice, if the compressor is running or not. Choosing the right model is important that is based on various essential points. Choose the right one that is ideal for you.

Choosing the right model is important that is based on various essential points. Choose the right one that is ideal for you.

Best Inverter AC (Air Conditioner) in India 2021

1. LG 1.5-ton 5-star Dual Inverter Split AC – KS-Q18HNZDLG 1.5-ton 5-star Dual Inverter Split AC – KS-Q18HNZD

LG is the most demanding home appliance’s brand in India and even in different other nations bringing to you the latest model of 5-star dual inverter split AC that has compressor with 100% copper with Ocean Black Protection.

It comes with active energy control and low refrigerator detection; while one year comprehensive warranty on the device and 10 years of compressor warranty will surely persuade you to choose this AC.

Some other features of this AC model include Active Energy Control, Low Refrigerant Detection, Monsoon Comfort technology and Smart Diagnosis. This latest models doesn’t require the services of an external stabilizer as it comes equipped with internal one – providing ultimate comfort.

  • Comes with futuristic technology to improve convenience factor
  • Dual inverter makes it less noisy
  • An advanced power-saving device that is famous for its high-quality performance.
  • Some customers have complained about its compressor that makes noise

3. Hitachi 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split ACHitachi 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

When it comes to choose one of the best ACs in India, you cannot ignore the name of Hitachi – making its remarkable position in the list of top 5 AC brands.

The leading brand has come up with advanced AC models in 5-star range. This model of split AC with inverter compressor is one of the advanced one that is ideal for a room with 1.5-ton capacity.

It comes with 5-star energy rating and with copper condenser coils. You will also get one-year manufacturer and additional warranty and five years controller and 10 years compressor warranty.

The wonderful AC comes with an in-built stabilizer function to withstand high voltage fluctuations. It doesn’t need the services of an external voltage stabilizer.

There is a lot more associated with the amazing 5-star rating AC that will surely provide you relaxation in summer and humid weather.

  • Amazing 5-star rating AC can be expanded to 1.8-Ton AC
  • High-quality performance with a minimum of noise
  • Comes with excellent compressor
  • Its look is elegant
  • Doesn’t have a temperature display
  • Remote control is required to operate it
  • You have to pay installation cost

3. Daikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKG50TVDaikin 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKG50TV

Daikin is one of the top electronic appliance brands – one of the most popular AC models available in India – selling its ACs worldwide.

Daikin 1-5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC that comes with copper condenser coil for better cooling is an ideal option to choose that comes with built-in stabilizer and R32 Refrigerant gas.

This model also comes with a unique Neo Swing compressor technology – characterized by its quiet and efficient operational capabilities. It comes with smooth rotational features of the compressor decrease friction and vibration.

There is no leakage of refrigerant gas during the compression cycle. Not to mention indoor unit with a silent performer – providing the highest comfort with its low noise levels.

It optimizes the airflow speed as per the noise level. This wonderful model from Daikin offers uninterrupted comfort for the entire family. It can withstand high voltage fluctuations because of in-built stabilizer.

  • It comes with excellent power savings
  • Superb Airflow
  • Comparable with the best in industry
  • It is good enough to cool a room of an area of approx 150 square feet
  • It comes with no temperature display

4. Sanyo 1.5-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split ACSanyo 1.5-Ton 5-Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

Being a new brand, Sanyo has come up with advanced technologies that will surely enhance your experience. It is split AC with inverter compressor with the capacity of 1.5-ton capacity that is suitable for mid-sized room.

It has 5-star energy rating with ISEER value that comes with copper condenser coil to reduce maintenance costs, excellent features like dust filter and air purifier.

You will get some added features like full inverter technology, PM2.5 filters. It provides you with a unique experience through the Dual Cool Inverter technology that offers the highest levels of comfort while consuming the least amount of electricity.

These wonderful two independent rotators are ideal to ensure quicker and energy-efficient cooling performance. Glacier mode is another added feature to enable users to quicken the cooling process by increasing fan speed.

There is a lot more associated with the amazing AC that will surely enhance your experience.

  • Copper Condenser coils, backlit remote and hydrophilic fins are added features
  • R32 Refrigerant, sleep functions, timer functions and hidden display
  • Air purification features
  • Noiseless performance
  • High-quality cooling
  • The outdoor backside doesn’t have grill protection

5. Voltas 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split ACVoltas 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

There is no denying the fact that Voltas has become one of the foremost manufacturers of air conditioners – that has withstood stiff competition from the latest entrants.

This latest model of 1.5-Ton Split AC is amazing and blessed with amazing features that include 5-star rating and copper condenser that requires less maintenance as well as antibacterial dust filters. It comes with one-year warranty on the product and condenser that comes with 5-year warranty on the compressor.

It can function as a 1-ton AC and 1.5-ton AC that is based on the number of people in the room. It can provide you with maximum comfort that helps in saving your electricity bills. It comes with superior cooling capacity that can cool the room, even if the temperature outdoors is as high as 52 Degree centigrade.

The amazing 4-speed fan function that is unique one to provide you with superior comfort and convenience in all types of heat!

Not to mention Co2 deduction mode to increase the ventilation levels and removes the organic compounds and toxic gases.

  • Comes with inverter that suits difference room sizes
  • It comes with high quality cooling performance
  • Humidifier feature
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Installation charges are higher
  • Remote look is not in ideal type

6. Samsung 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

Samsung, one of the largest home appliances brand, has come up with advanced model of AC that comes with 1.5-Ton Capacity. It is split inverter AC with variable speed compressor that comes with dust filter and self-cleaning.

It has 5-star energy rating; while its compressor comes with 10 years warranty. It comes with alloy condenser coil and R410A refrigerant gas. It is an ideal choice of homes in India for cooling rooms of mid size.

The 2-star cooling mode present in this AC uses the fast cooling mode first before switching over to the comfort cool mode. It comes with automatic temperature control mode that selects the operating mode necessary to maintain the optimum temperature in the room.

It works on Durafin Heat Exchanger technology to enable a smooth heat transfer because of the thicker design. There is a lot more associated with the advanced 5-star AC.

  • It comes with superior cooling performance
  • One of the safest appliances because of the Triple Protection Plus feature
  • Comes with alloy condenser coils to make it ideal and affordable AC with copper coils.
  • It doesn’t come with a power cord

7. Carrier 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split ACCarrier 1.5-Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC

When it comes to choose the best Air Conditioning systems for domestic and commercial purposes, Name of Carrier always comes on the top.

There are a number of advanced features in the Carrier ACs that you will hardly get in other types of ACs. Not to mention Flexi Cool Hybrid Jet Technology – providing maximum comfort, even when the temperature outside exceeds 55 Degree Centigrade.

Some of the added features that you will get in the AC for a mid size room include split AC with inverter compressor, 1.5-ton capacity and 5-star rating with ISEER Value of 4.62.

You will also get the latest model of AC with copper condenser coil for efficient functioning and one-year manufacturer warranty with ten years on the compressor. Some other features include dust filters and dehumidifier.

It is one of the most efficient AC appliances as it can cool the rooms in easy and comfortable way. It can be run as low voltage too like 195V.

  • This model of AC comes with the ability to deliver excellent performance under the most adverse of conditions.
  • It can work without the service of an external stabilizer
  • The dehumidifier and dust filters can make it one of the most multi-purpose AC
  • It is affordable in price
  • It doesn’t have automatic switch on and off mode
  • It is not for bigger rooms
  • There are different other models to choose

Looking for Best Inverter AC – Here is the complete Buying Guide

Before choosing any AC in inverter or any other mode, you are required to pay attention to compressor – as it is the main part. It should come with temperature settings. When AC cools the room up to the set temperature, the compressor switches off. It remains so until the temperature in the room goes up. In this way, it starts working again repeating the same procedure.

In inverter AC, the compressor doesn’t switch off at all. The basic different between inverter and traditional or non-inverter is from compressor as in inverter AC it works continuously; whereas it switches between on and off in non-inverter AC.

An inverter AC works at variable speeds; whereas the non-inverter AC units do so at fixed speeds. It enables the inverter ACs to adjust their tonnage according to the size of the room.

Before making the final decision, you are advised to go through the details of maximum ACs and then make the right decision to choose which one is the best. Go through the reviews and pros and cons will be an added advantage to make you able to fins, which one is the best to choose.

Different brands are working dedicatedly to bring to you some of the best ACs that will change the way of cooling your home.


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